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brands that positively change minds.

brands that positively change minds.

At DE22 nothing is usual or common. In fact everything about us is unique.

Based in Derby, DE22 Creative Design Solutions is a full service agency delivering; brand development and guidelines, product launch, creative design, website development testing and deployment, copywriting and the secret ingredient... magic*.

Take our clients; They want something more... something almost uncommon. They're prepared to lead from the front and redefine their market. They're not the kind that will settle for second-best. They're prepared to be different and bold. They strive for more than individuality.

That's why they come to DE22.


  • CWE re-brand for the manufacturing sector
  • Roundhouse win for DE22 Creative
  • We have the position for you!
  • Open Centre LogoThe Open Centre Derby has been Established since 1981, the Open Centre is a well respected organisation based in Derby in the East Midlands. It promotes understanding between different communities by celebrating and raising awareness of their faith and cultural heritage. As The Open Centre is a charity, it values help from local volunteers who are keen to get involved in the centre's work with people of all ages and backgrounds.

    To reflect this in a fresh new vibrant way DE22 created a new identity to strengthen the presence of The Open Centre and reinforce the cultural values of local community. Alongside this a CMS driven website has been created with an online booking facility for workshops and schools along with an online shop. www.derbyopencentre.org

  • The Guild of Beauty Therapists The Guild of Beauty Therapists

    The Guild of professional Beauty Therapists offer membership and insurance to beauty therapists, nail technicians and holistic therapists in the UK and Ireland. As a long term relationship with The Guild we have recently revamped The Beauty Guild Gazette and Guild Training International - Courses marketing items. The Guild Gazette is the only official membership magazine of the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, and is packed full of all the latest industry news and developments as well as some fascinating insights into treatments, an extensive Training Diary, and a Tried & Tested review of new products.

    The circulation of this bi-monthly 68 page magazine is 12,000.

    DE22 have implemented a fresh new glossy feel to the Guild Gazette making it easy to use as an informative magazine and a resource of information for all the members. www.beautyguild.com

  • New Australian Vintage

    Australian Vintage Limited is the leading Australian wine company. Championing a fully-integrated wine business model, the breadth of their capabilities extends to vineyards, boutique and bulk wine production, packaging, marketing and distribution.

    Australian Vintage boasts eight Australian wine brands, such as McGuigan, that are recognised and enjoyed across the globe. Diversity in winemaking techniques and rationality allows their viticulture and winemaking teams to be leaders in innovation and in the creation of a wide range of wine styles and varietals.

    DE22 Creative Design Solutions are proud to have a direct working relationship with Australian Vintage and to be continually involved with their social media marketing campaigns and app development going forward. We are currently executing a marketing campaign that truly reflects their cultural values, consumer proposition and wealth of knowledge in the wine sector.

  • Prodo Merchandising Limited Logo Prodo Merchandising Limited

    DE22 are pleased to have a new addition to our client portfolio, a major player within the Retail and Service sector Prodo Merchandising Limited.

    Prodo are at the forefront of delivering a retail merchandising service within the UK and their superlative knowledge and understanding set them apart from other companies in their sector.

    Realising this, they approached DE22 Creative to guide them through the process of raising their profile to a first tier supplier, and to create a brand perception that would allow them to take full advantage of the opportunity.

    This has led to DE22 Creative carrying out a complete rebrand process encompassing strategy, brand development, website design and implementing a marketing campaign which includes a range of consumer touch points specific to the sector. www.prodomerchandising.co.uk

  • Martin Griffiths - Award Winning

    Award Winning!The Alternative Board Logo

    Whilst attending the recent TAB Members training day, it was announced that our very own Martin Griffiths was awarded "Member of the Year" for the Midlands. An accolade that is voted on, and given by over 350 members for outstanding business growth, peer group advice, support and mentorship for the year.

    The Alternative Board creates, manages and facilitates advisory boards comprised of local business owners, directors, and CEOs who run non-competing businesses. Each month members of the advisory boards meet - led by a certified facilitator-coach - to share their business expertise and problem-solve each others' challenges, confidentially within the board.

    Martin said "I feel honored to have been voted for this award and also getting to the final three for the UK, it's a great way to truly add value to your own business ensuring that you achieve your smart goals and also to assist with the guidance and mentorship of others. Julian Smith who facilitates the Midlands region has been a guiding force in my involvement within TAB"

Concept Clarity Web Concept Clarity Close Concept Clarity Full Concept Clarity Business Card

Concept Clarity.

Imagine Your World. Home automation is developing as a sector in the UK. A home automation system connects various electrical devices in your house to a central control unit.  This allows you to control them at the touch of a button from within and outside the home.

Home automation systems increase the level of comfort, emotion, security and energy management in your home. They also have the added advantage of controlling your devices through your iPhone, iPad, colour touch pads and/or hand-held remotes to allow full control of any connected component.

Concept Clarity are at the forefront of delivering this service within the UK and their knowledge and understanding set them apart from other companies in their sector, but due to a lack of direction and brand perception they had not taken full advantage of the opportunity.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

DE22 Creative Design Solutions provided insight and brand strategy to re-brand and re-launch the business, ensuring that the brand architecture, rationale, emotional and inspirational elements of such a service came to the forefront of the creative approach and ongoing marketing activity.

  • We got under the skin of the consumer and identifyied how they ticked.
  • We ensured that the re-brand, website and marketing collateral educated the user.
  • We delivered a result driven campaign that could be monitored from a return on investment bottom line point of view.
  • We produced items including brand development, website, copywriting, marketing strategy and execution, design for print.

The end result.

A brand proposition with intent to change the world you live in, through home automation. This allowed Concept Clarity to take the opportunity of growth within the sector. It is something that we continue to assist them to do.

"After being introduced to Martin from DE22 Creative, his process has proved to be invaluable, he has clearly grasped Home Automation what is a complicated market. This has allowed the team at DE22 Creative Design to tailor our Re-brand and marketing strategy to the needs of our consumers and associates. These are proving to be essential in aiding with market penetration, allowing us to reach a higher level of client and project."

Jason Hawkes, Managing Director, Concept Clarity


  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Development
  • Creative
  • Website
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution
  • Design & Print


Notts Wildlife Trust 00 Notts Wildlife Trust 01 Notts Wildlife Trust 02 Notts Wildlife Trust 03

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Raising awareness of reserves. Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is the leading wildlife conservation charity working to protect and enhance the wildlife and habitats of Nottinghamshire.

They care for more than 70 nature reserves across the county, including a mixture of valuable wildlife habitats ranging from beautiful wildflower meadows to splendid ancient woodlands.  They engage the local community through events, education and volunteering opportunities and seek to ensure the county is a healthy and wildlife rich place to live.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

DE22 Creative Design Solutions provided the creative support, artwork and print for their Membership Reserves Leaflet.

  • An important piece of work in educating the members involved in the conservation work being carried out throughout the county.
  • With our strong working relationship with the team at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, we strive to add value to the consumer experience when we produce any of their marketing collateral.
  • Items produced include, consumer insights, creative design and print.

The end result.

An additional piece of marketing material that develops and educates the Trust's members and non-members about the reserves and continual conservation work.


  • Creative Input
  • Consumer Insights
  • Design & Print


SAS Leaflet Outer SAS Leaflet Inside SAS Booklet SAS Business Cards SAS Booklet 00 SAS Image

Schools Advisory Service.

Cover & Care. For more than 10 years Schools Advisory Service have worked with leading national bodies and schools to develop their award winning policy COVER & CARE. COVER & CARE. It is a policy that allows schools to tailor all aspects of their cover to their own needs, thus ensuring that they have precisely the level of cover they require.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

DE22 Creative Design Solutions are proud to have had a direct working connection with Schools Advisory Service for more than 8 years. During this period we had developed the concept of marketing directly to the decision maker, and educating them through our ongoing knowledge of the products and service on offer.

  • We got to fully understand the benefits of each element of the policy, Cover & Care and internal infrastructure.
  • We passionately created an annual marketing campaign.
  • We delivered a higher return on campaign investment, year on year.
  • We produced a direct mail campaign, teaser mailer, quote form and HTML e-mails. The reason for this is our strong working relationship with the internal teams and we carry out an annual process of reviewing each of the policy changes, how this affects the schools and then the formulation of a campaign.

The reason for this is our strong working relationship with the internal teams and we carry out an annual process of, reviewing each of the policy changes, how this affects the schools and then the formulation of a campaign.

The end result.

An annual marketing campaign that delivers a 6% increase on enquiry to conversion year on year.

"DE22 Creative Design Solutions have been supporting Schools Advisory Service for several years and always deliver new campaign ideas. Their knowledge and passion to keep delivering a new approach that converts into a marked increase in business has been something that we have struggled to find elsewhere. We would recommend that if you are looking to work with a creative agency you should consider making contact with Martin from DE22 Creative Design Solutions."

Les Marshall, Director, Schools Advisory Service

"Schools Advisory Service have used DE22 Creative Design Solutions for a number of years in developing our marketing material. Martin devotes time and energy into really understanding what our company is all about, and is able to communicate our unique selling points in a meaningful way to our clients. Martin and his team always provide a prompt response to our queries, and come up with creative new ideas to keep us one step ahead of our market place."

Holly Marshall, General Manager, Schools Advisory Service HR


  • Campaign Creative
  • Copywriting
  • Design & Print


Fast React Systems Web Fast React Systems Mailer Fast React Systems Teaser Fast React Systems Words Fast React Systems Mailer 00 Fast React Systems Brochure Fast React Systems Internal Fast React Systems Mailer 01

Fast React Systems Limited.

Creating Vision. Fast React are global provider of supply chain solutions specifically for the fashion industry. Their team is made up of people from textiles, apparel, footwear and garment backgrounds.

They approached DE22 to review their present marketing touch points, something that they had highlighted as needing to be addressed as they had brought it as far as they could. At this time, through our strategic awareness, we very quickly highlighted that they should focus on re-positioning their single product as three separate brands each targeted at the consumer in a creative language that they would understand.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

To create and execute a marketing campaign that truly reflected their proposition, wealth of knowledge in the sector and expected return on investment was the main goal; carrying out our process we call "distillation" allowed all concerned to gain clarity and totally understand how potential consumers interacted with the products and present marketing material.

This included understanding the sell process, presentation style and their present marketing approach. We then started to produce something unique; in the way it creates insight, something that would communicate to the audience, throughly educating them in-depthly about the products and how they could streamline their range development operation. Some of the key points are as follows:

  • We first highlighted the direction to firstly develop three key products. Each of them would need a name and a supporting consumer message. Once this was agreed internally the brand guidelines and all supporting elements were produced.
  • The website strategy/schematic/plan followed, with a subsequent period of review and discussion with the client, to ensure that this covered all required elements. Guiding the consumer to the correct product was clearly going to be an element that would deliver the websites success.
  • Each marketing touch point was reviewed and re-worked in accordance with the new brand.
  • Copywriting for all of the marketing items was produced to ensure that the messages were simple but educating, highlighting the benefits and short-and long-term goals.
  • With an in-depth understanding of Fast React's consumers, we developed three product identities, branded for each sector, a range of marketing touch points, website, presentations for each product, case studies and direct marketing elements.
  • We delivered a return on investment focused marketing campaign and approach that would educate and 'tap into' each of its target sectors effectively.

Critical Achievements

  • We supported the company's Board of Directors through this process, which proved to be critical. Managing change for a global company such as this involves a number of key decision makers, each of whom have a valid opinion.
  • We delivered a clearer method of selling and promoting the products throughout the globe.
  • We developed a full range of marketing elements along with mentoring the process internally.

"We are confident that our work with DE22 Creative Design Solutions will help take our business 'to the next level'. We choose our partners carefully and recommend equally carefully. Yet, I have no hesitation in endorsing Martin and the team at DE22 Creative Design Solutions.

Andrew Brown, Managing Director, Fast React Systems Limited.


  • Distillation
  • Product Naming
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Development & Guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Case Studies
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Company Brochure
  • Direct Mail
  • Teaser Campaign
  • Stationery
  • PR & Marketing Support


Fast React

Newey Web Newey Set Newey Reverse Newey Business Cards

Newey Installations.

Making your refit our priority. Newey Installations offer a design and refit service and their unrivalled experience in specific retail sectors sets them apart from the competition. The main focus for the development of their business had been referral and recommendation, but due to the change in economic climate they had highlighted that this should be addressed.

During our initial discussions we discovered that they had not been happy with their present marketing material and when we introduced them to our services they immediately saw the possibility of a complete company wide re-brand.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

Our approach was to firstly totally re-work the logo and its associated elements around fitting items together; this covered the following processes:

  • Guiding the Directors through the brand change, allowing them to harness the changes being suggested and made to the perception of their business.
  • Focusing on educating the project managers and retail outlets on the benefits of working with Neweys.
  • Incorporting a range of images that made it clear what they produced.
  • Highlighting the key sectors that they delivered excellence in.
  • Producing items including consumer insights, brand development, website, copywriting, marketing strategy and execution and design for print.

The end result.

A brand that they feel totally proud of "we make your refit our priority" which forms the basis of educating their consumers, resulting in an increase of 10% in online enquiries.

"Neweys are at the forefront of bespoke electrical and fabricated installations. Their years of sector expertise and knowledge are refreshing and it was clear when I initially met them that their enthusiasm and passion for just getting things right needed to come through in the re-brand. The new look, which was created around the concept of fitting elements together, will offer them a fresh identity, which in turn will create a huge amount of interest in a company that was previously under the radar."

Martin Griffiths, Director, DE22 Creative Design Solutions

"When you have run a successful business for years it is hard to harness a new approach. Working with Martin from DE22 has made the process easy to accommodate in an already busy working week. He has been patient when we have been stretched, and I think that the end result has clearly captured our ability to deliver well-considered and thought-out electrical and fabricated installations."

Gary Newey, Managing Director, Newey Installations


  • Brand Development
  • Creative Input
  • Website Design & Build
  • Stationery
  • Design & Print
  • HTML E-mail Marketing


Absolute Recruitment Web Absolute Recruitment Full Absolute Recruitment Letterhead Absolute Recruitment Business Cards Absolute Recruitment Notebooks

Absolute Recruitment Limited.

It's all about people. Absolute Recruitment are the recruitment company of choice for temporary and permanent vacancies. Finding exactly the right people to fill specific industrial, commercial, IT and marketing vacancies has helped them to become a trusted supplier to businesses and an invaluable resource for those looking for employment.

Their friendly, helpful and trusted team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which allows them to make a unique promise to all clients and candidates.

They approached DE22 with a range of different logos, styles and websites, which just didn't reflect the ethos of the business.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

We created a brand that has completely changed the way in which their consumer perceives recruitment in general.

We carried out our consumer insights process, which allowed us to totally understand exactly what would make them "different" in their market sector.

When we were approached they had three companies all with completely non-related branding. Our approach required a "branding style" for all three arms of the business, something that would set them apart, but not to be seen as a large franchise, but for each of them to belong to each other and create strength in how they approached recruitment in general.

We also quickly highlighted that the business needed a supporting consumer message that would set them apart: a statement that really makes it clear where they focus most attention, whether it be internal staff, temporary staff or clients. Some of the key points were as follows:

  • Highlighted the direction for the business from a perception point of view.
  • Developed a brand that would work across all three companies.
  • Produced each of the brand elements and supporting marketing touch points.
  • Created their consumer message "it's all about people" as the cornerstone to their approach.
  • Produced, logo's, websites, stationery, note pads and internal and external signage for all three companies.

The end result.

A company whose brand totally reflects it's approach and sector offer.

But more importantly, the rebranding has directly given Absolute the confidence to purchase another business and make a shift in the internal and external perception.

"I love what this man does. Martin from DE22 Creative Design Solutions understood totally what we were like as a company and what values we found important. He's got it so spot on, I feel like I've done it myself. Amazing, lovely, funny and able to deal with me."

Jessica Marshall, Director, Absolute Recruitment


  • Distillation
  • Brand Development & Guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Internal/External Signage
  • Website for each company
  • Stationery


AIS Email AIS Fax AIS Form AIS Group Form AIS Referal Form

Absence Insurance Services.

Absence cover for schools. Absence Insurance Services offer a design your own staff absence policy by allowing you to choose the excess period, daily benefit and levels of stress and maternity benefit. This ensures that you have total confidence in ongoing claims being covered at your renewal and the flexibility to include pre-existing conditions or remove policy exclusions.

The ease in which you can request a quote either online or offline is paramount to the success of the business, and therefore the development of "to the point" marketing is essential.

What we produced.

We created and produced a brand that changed the way in which consumers perceived recruitment in general. We carried out our consumer insights process, which allowed us to totally understand exactly what would make them "different" in their market sector.

Our Solution to this … the magic*!

After being involved with AIS for several years, DE22 Creative Design Solutions have created campaign material for the next round of annual marketing activity.

  • We focused on driving conversion of enquiry.
  • This has a window of 4 weeks.
  • The items that we produced included, consumer insights, brand development, website, copywriting, marketing strategy and execution and design for print.

The end result.

A selection of creative marketing "touch points" that form the basis of their main marketing directive' Previously these have delivered a 4% growth of the business year on year.

"A creatively fresh, resourceful and understanding approach from a well regarded local business. Our new marketing campaign materials were delivered within timescale and on budget, and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending DE22 Creative Design Solutions."

Gareth Childs, Absence Insurance Services


  • Creative
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Design & Print
  • HTML E-mail Marketing




We create well considered brand identities. Extraordinary expressions of visual and verbal language that stop people in their tracks and invite them to take another look. For us, it's all about arresting attention and engaging people in the very idea of our clients' businesses. We then help our clients cultivate that relationship and continue the brand journey via a whole range of touchpoints; some quite unusual.

We also have a team of unique individuals; people with an- unnatural ability to do the right thing. We seek out clarity and challenge the conventions. We see opportunity where others might see problems. We take great steps to understand the uniqueness of our clients.

At DE22 it's a common occurrence to "Know your Audience"


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At DE22 we enjoy being unique. After all, why follow the crowd when you can have something extraordinary.

Take our clients: they're confident in who they are and where they want to be. They want something more than… something that sets them apart and encapsulates what they stand for. Like us, they won't settle for second best. They are prepared to be leaders in their field. They are brave enough to consider new ideas, taking the lead and redefining their markets as necessary. That's why they come to us.

We create well considered brand identities. For us, it's about stopping people in their tracks, grabbing attention and engaging them so they find out more about our clients' businesses. We then help them to cultivate their relationship throughout the brand journey through a whole range of touch points.

Our team of unique individuals are passionate about getting it right for our clients. We take great steps to understand their uniqueness and the essence of their brand - its personality and the emotions it evokes. We do all this to create effective, memorable, individual and engaging brands with the art of being, well you.

And at DE22 that's a common occurrence.

We take a client's objectives, define their brand strategy, sprinkle a little creative magic* and voila! Brands that positively change minds. We get into the hearts of our clients, the minds of their customers and into the hands of everyone.

And the result? Creative design solutions that work for you.


How we go about it, creating a brand is a journey. We'll guide you through it to arrive at the perfect solution. We let our creative team explore - they are an amazing team who will help your brand soar.

We realise that you know your customers best so we work with you to understand the essence of your company - what it is about you and your offering that makes you unique.

The processes we use all have a reason: to get the best from our clients, the best from their customers and the best from our designers. Process for any other reason is pointless and damaging.

We regularly present our process to potential clients, contact us, to experience the magic*

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