It’s no secret that social media is a major platform which many businesses are using as a marketing tool. However, it is also shaping a new customer service experience by allowing businesses to connect with customers at any time.

Social Media has a 24/7 presence which allows you to respond to any customer enquiries or comments almost instantly. Mistakes and errors can occur and it is inevitable that any business will have to deal with problems or complaints at some point. This makes it incredibly important to provide quick solutions in order to keep those customers happy and maintain high customer satisfaction rates.

Providing quick and high quality customer service will also boost customer loyalty as people won’t be put off so much by a ‘bad experience’. Also, by having that online presence it can be a security blanket for many customers as they have the reassurance that if they do have any questions or queries then they are able to contact a business and receive a quick reply.

Based on the previous points, I would recommend creating a separate account particularly on Twitter for your customer service, especially if you tend to deal with a lot of customer queries or have an e-commerce site where technical problems are not uncommon occurrences.  It is important that your main account stays a main account by continuing to focus on providing marketing content.

Many retailers will have a separate account with the sole purpose of providing customer service and support. A few successful examples are:




Some accounts will have an ‘opening and closing time’ such like John Lewis, although it is not 24/7, the extended hours are still suitable and accessible for many customers.

Most accounts will be active for 24 hours 7 days a week which is the ultimate convenience for customers.

Asos is an online retailer who are hugely successful with their customer service. Although it is not uncommon for problems to arise, many customers are not actually put off from purchasing from them again due to the fast nature of solutions.

Overall, implementing social media within your customer promise will result in a boost of customer loyalty and satisfaction.