What to do when forced asked to write something. It’s happened again, the dreaded “Ryan can you write something for this?”. At least it used to be dreaded.

Whilst working for design agencies in Dutch-speaking, Amsterdam, it was becoming more frequent that I was asked to write words for campaigns.

The Dutch generally speak and write English perfectly, but being a native Englishman gave me a unique vernacular in that situation and not only did I realise I was enjoying it and was kind of good at it in a roundabout way but I found it was really helping to sell design concepts to clients and in turn selling their products/services to their customers.

A brand is not just a logo, a logo is just one part of a system, another part along with typography, colour, imagery, and visual graphic elements should be language. Below are some examples of it successfully executed. See how it could work for your campaign.

1.CD&CO – Spotify

2.Kessels Krammer – Hans Brinker Hotel

3.Form& – Ebay