Working on a recent project, I was tasked with researching some female oriented thought leader brands to incorporate within our mood boards and so I naturally turned to Pretty Little Thing.

Founded in 2012, Pretty Little Thing, is an online women’s fashion retailer offering the latest must have trends. It went from fulfilling 20 orders a day in 2014 to shipping 20,000 packages a day by the middle of 2015 and I’m not ashamed to say that my wardrobe is overflowing from the one too many orders I’ve placed. But that’s not a problem… is it?

So, what is it that has caused this major success?

Their branding.

The brand itself, what it stands for and the messages they put across to females all around the world are the key reasons why people choose to shop there. Of course, celebrity endorsement and social media activity has helped them to achieve this growth, but without that strong brand and the campaigns to match, there would be nothing separating PLT from the likes of Missguided and InTheStyle.

One particular campaign that really caught my eye was their Girl Gang campaign.

The campaign was strong and edgy. Pushing girl unity in a vibrant and bold way. The bright colours and statement outfits were strong yet girly so it comes as no surprise that I ordered at least half the collection. Oops.