Graphic designers are constantly generating new ideas and concepts. No day is the same. And that is the beauty of our vocations. They say variety is the spice of life. But how do you stay inspired?

Of course, we check out other portfolios, creative inspiration sites, other agencies work, Pinterest and the like. We’ve learnt our art and design history. But inspiration doesn’t just come from other pieces of design. We are also often inspired by the things we see outside of design. Film, music, art, scenery, travel, nature. To you it may just be a sunset but to us it’s the colour palette for our next website.

We all have our own individual ways of finding that moment of clarity. One of our designers is a ‘walker’ and goes on a lunchtime jaunt in the fresh air to generate those creative juices. I find words inspire me. Design, after all, is another method of communication. One of the designers last juicy morsels of inspiration was the painstakingly made set design for Bladerunner 2049. And whilst we linger on film the colours in Amélie are the main reason it’s one of my favourites.   

Inspiration also doesn’t always come from the same field of design either. For example, if you’re working on a packaging project aimed at a certain demographic. You don’t just look at other packaging, you look at other brands and products that audience are engaging with. You think about their lifestyle and how to communicate with them. It may be fashion, editorial or a marketing campaign that pushes the buttons. A good moodboard, of course, helps to set the tone before you begin.

Ultimately everything stems from a great brief and establishing a clear route with the client. And at the forefront of our minds is the knowledge that everything we come up with must fully answer that. That means a process of analysis and development, whilst remaining as objective about your ideas as possible. Luckily at DE22 we are all working to a common goal and as a team we work to inspire each other.

So next time you see someone taking a close up image of a rusty bit of metal it’s probably a designer finding a great colour palette!