To some, the concept of ‘marketing’ their business can be daunting. Whether it’s due to lack of knowledge or fear that it won’t work,  there are many excuses that companies use to avoid addressing the subject. Here’s just some that we’ve come across…


You say: “I don’t have time”

You’re so busy working in your business that you don’t spend any time working on it. Your day to day tasks take priority over planning for growth, and you find yourself confined to the limits of your existing resources.

We say: “Re-think your priorities”

Do you have time to pay your bills? Issue your invoices? Deliver your product or service? This is because you see them as an essential part of running your business. Simply changing your mindset towards marketing will allow you to fit it in to your schedule and subsequently see your business begin to grow.



You say: “I can’t afford it”

This year’s budget doesn’t allow for any marketing activities, and you can’t afford to hire a marketing manager. You think that it’s not worth investing the small budget you do have, as it’s not enough to see results.

We say: “Do your research”

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive – there are plenty of ways to get your brand known without breaking the bank. Ask an expert for advice, or read online blogs for useful tips – there are millions of resources out there to help you.


You say: “I don’t know how”

You know your product inside out, and who your ideal customer would be. What you don’t know is where they hang out, or what content would be best to attract their attention.

We say: “Seek out more knowledge”

You can’t know it all – consider appointing an external agency to cast a fresh pair of eyes over your business and its objectives. Agencies generally have experience targeting many different audiences on behalf of their clients. If you decide to keep your marketing in-house, investing in some training for yourself and your staff is a good place to start.


You say: “I don’t need to”

You have enough customers to keep you going right now, and you’re ticking over nicely with the amount of work you have. If you take on any more you couldn’t possibly cope with the workload.

We say: “You have so much potential”

Just because you have enough to keep you going at the moment, it doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to more. Your audience are out there and they could really benefit from what you offer – why deny them of that? Doing background research and having other ideas up your sleeve won’t hurt, especially if you do happen to find yourself low on work. Having more work than you can cope with is better than the opposite – especially if it creates jobs and builds your reputation.


Have you come across any other excuses that you’d like to test us on? Let us know