When questioning the importance of having a marketing plan, ask yourself “What level of success will I be satisfied with?”. From this, you can determine how on-track you are to reaching your destination.

The next question to ask, is “What is one customer worth to me?”. Because let’s face it, without customers, your business would not survive, no matter the size.

Once you consider the potential value of a single customer, you begin to realise the significance of marketing, and its contribution to your overall growth.

There’s no doubt that marketing is challenging. So why approach it sporadically without taking measures to get it right and ensure it delivers results? Your customers wouldn’t receive this service, so why should your own business?

Having a well-structured marketing plan gives you a glimpse into the future, and guides your activities for the year ahead. It also allows you to analyse performance, capitalise on your strengths and filter out what’s not working so well.

People often become disgruntled with marketing if it isn’t delivering results, and until some success is seen, this attitude will remain the same. Therefore, measuring results and referring back to a plan is extremely important.

Learning is all part of the marketing process. As you become more educated about your audience and how to communicate with them, you can carry this knowledge forward into your future plans.

If you’re not broadcasting who you are, what you do and what sets you apart from your competitors, your target market are less likely to buy from you.

The bottom line: Having a marketing plan is important for all businesses – big or small. You can learn from the past, and prepare for the future, and ultimately achieve the success you want and deserve.

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