Our Top 5 Christmas Adverts for 2017

by | Dec 20, 2017

2017 has seen a surge of creative, magical and fun Christmas adverts from companies bidding to compete with John Lewis since they revolutionised the game in 2011.

Surprisingly, Moz The Monster isn’t actually in our top 5 picks this year, but we couldn’t talk about Christmas adverts without mentioning John Lewis. Although quite controversial this year, the bond between the little boy and Moz definitely touched our hearts.

At DE22 we each voted for our favourite Christmas adverts and here are our top picks:

5.Asda- The Imaginarium


Coming in at number 5 we have The Imaginarium from Asda. A little girl explores a weird and wonderful factory with her parent or guardian and is fascinated with all the sights she sees. We loved this quirky spin on grocery shopping merging with Willy Wonka, however our weekly shops never appear to be this much fun.

4. Marks and Spencer’s- Paddington and The Christmas Visitor


Next up we have M&S with our favourite marmalade loving character from Peru. Paddington Bear mistakenly identifies an imposter as Father Christmas, but his innocence and love brings out the good in the visitor and creates a warm heart-felt ending. It really sums up the loving nature of what Christmas spirit is all about.

3. McDonald’s- Reindeer Ready


Up third is the McDonald’s ad where an adorable little girl protectively saves her last carrot stick for Santa’s reindeer. The little girl gets upset when her older brother informs her that Santa has more than one reindeer which meant that her dad had to take her back to get another bag of carrot sticks. The whole advert from start to finish is unbelievably cute which is why we love it so much!

2. Heathrow Airport- The Heathrow Bears


In second place, we have Heathrow Airport with the loveable Heathrow bears. This advert showcases a 50-year romance between Doris and Edward Bair from when they first met in 1967 to embracing their children and grandchildren throughout the years which follow. There is no denying that the adorable Heathrow bears truly capture our hearts.

1. Debenhams- You Shall


And our top ad is… Debenhams with the You Shall campaign. A man and a woman lock eyes with each other on the train until the woman rushes off at her stop where one of her glass slippers is left behind. The man desperately makes effort to #FindThatGirl, but fate offers a helping hand by reuniting them together where they then share a romantic kiss in the snow. This modern take on the classic Cinderella fairy tale is utterly magical and uplifting. Definitely a clear winner here at DE22!

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