3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Creativity

by | Jan 10, 2018

Whether you’re a designer facing a creative block or just simply wanting to improve your overall creativity, look no further than our simple steps below to gain some inspiration!

Follow creative blogs

Blogs are a great free way to find inspiration and creative insight. There are hundreds of creative blogs to follow that will give you snippets of knowledge and general inspiration to get you out of your creative rut.

A good resource is Canva’s Design School. Their blog is packed with different posts all about different creative topics and is sure to give you that creativity you’re looking for.

Follow influencers on social media

Following your favourite influencers on Instagram and Pinterest will inject some ideas onto your social media. Their content may inspire your own original ideas and even by seeing what other people are liking and sharing will get your creative juices flowing.

Instagram and Pinterest are good online platforms to use because they are both image based, making them perfect for ‘liking’’ or ‘pinning’ posts to create your own online mood boards.


Inspirational quotes

This is the simplest step, but just by reading different quotes can definitely motivate you and inspire you to get into your creative and productive groove. You can either just search the internet for inspirational/motivational quotes or they often make their way onto social media or blogs.

To keep that motivational attitude, setting quotes as your mobile home screen or desktop screen saver will allow you to maintain inspiration by being exposed to those positive quotes within your daily routine.


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