“We’re over the moon with how things are progressing and this is just the beginning.”

The Brown Family have been milking their herd of Holstein-Friesian cows at Brunswood Farm, Locko Park, Derby since 1953. In 2007 they branched out into the art of making a luxury artisan ice cream, made the Italian way, but with its own British Twist. A family-owned, fully working farm, they have 26 flavours of Ice Creams and Sorbet to try, along with a journey of Royal visits, Great Taste Awards and International Awards!

Over the past few months, our team at DE22 Creative have been strategically working alongside Bluebell Dairy to refresh their brand and align it with their wider business strategy.

With three fantastic flavours heading into supermarket Morrisons we set about creating bespoke tub designs for each flavour.

Without losing their identity, DE22 Creative rejuvenated the Bluebell Dairy cow, giving it a modern and contemporary feel, whilst also focusing on maintaining elements of Bluebell Dairy’s heritage.

“DE22 delivered lots of creative ideas and gave us something we can be really proud of and confident taking forward.”

“The Distillation Process that we did with DE22 enables us to really look at our customer group, which is not easy because we welcome such a diverse range of people to our farm.”

“Working with DE22 has given our whole brand a refresh and brings it up-to-date!”

Rosemary Brown, Director, Bluebell Dairy